Crash course

Are you new to AXSOR? Follow the order of the list to set up the basic entities of the system.

How AXSOR works

AXSOR is designed as a control system for managing objects, aiming to save time for customers’ primary business activities. Giving Access to Assets!

AXSOR Dashboard

The dashboard provides users with a comprehensive overview of the current statuses within the system.

Notification colors

Searching in AXSOR

To search in AXSOR you must use the Enter button on your keyboard. 

Pressing Enter without entering any search criteria will display the first 50 hits.

Filter list views

To the left of each list view, there’s a collapsible filter section. Use it to narrow down your searches. 

Reset filters

At the bottom of the filter section, next to the Search button, there is a Reset button for the filter.

Increase hits viewed

Increase or decrease the search hits in the list view, just drag the Quantity slider.

Hide or view columns

You can hide or show different columns in the list by clicking on the check boxes under the Select icon in the top right. 

Save search filters

It is possible to save search filters by clicking on +.