Units is a connectivity entity used to connect sub items and addresses to in localization.

Units can for example be real estate properties, electricity-, gas meters or service facilities/points.

How to

Create new units

1. Go to administrate and select units .

2. Click on + to create a new unit.

3. Add a Unit-ID.

4. Name the unit.

5. Choose a unit category. (Categories can be created in settings.)

6. Add general information if needed.

Save before you continue. 

1. Connect sub items to the unit. Connections can also be made through the Localization view.

Tip! When editing the unit you can also remove connections .

1. Search and connect an address. (New addresses can be created by clicking +.)

2. A pop-up will appear. Choose the supplement (e.g. address number).

Save before you continue. 

1. Add organizational belonging.

Save before you continue. 

1. Fill in custom fields. (Create custom fields in settings.)

Save and close.