Date rules connections

In Date Rule connections it is possible to see and connect Date rules to different entities. 

How to

Use Date rules connections

See date rules connected to a specific entity

1. Choose the entity type that you want to view in the drop down list. An search for the specific entity in the search field. 

2. All connected date rules will be displayed.

See entities connected to a specific date rule

1. Search for the date rule.

2. In the entities drop down list you will see if and how many entities that are connected.

1. Choose entity

Search and select the entity that you want to connect.

2. Choose connection entity

Search for the entity you want to connect to.

3. Make the connection

Click on the to make the connection. Connections made between entities are created immediately and saved automatically. 

4. Via

The Via column shows how the connections are made, for example could a individual be connected to a date rule via groups of individuals.

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