Groups of individuals

Grouping individuals makes it easier and faster to administrate in AXSOR.

Instead of administrating each user separately you can both set and clear user permissions and structure to a whole group.

How to

Create a Group of Individuals

1. Go to Administrate and click on Group of Individuals .

2. Click on + to add a new group.

3. In the general tab add the name of the group (description) and general information if needed.

1. Search and select the individuals you want to include in the group. (Hit enter in the field to search.)

You can also create new users by clicking +.

1. Choose what organization the group belongs to. 

1. Search and connect profiles. Profiles are the bridges between individuals and objects. Connections could also be made in the profile connections view. 

You can create new profiles by clicking +.

1. Search and connect date rules to determine when the group will be active.


Make it easy to give and revoke access

It’s the vacation season, and the temporary summer staff require access to the keys. To streamline the management of these individuals collectively, the administrator creates a group named “Summer Workers”. This approach also simplifies the process of revoking access once the summer period concludes.