Storages are places where objects can be stored when not electronically surveilled in an EAGLE Assemblies.

When objects are connected to a storage, it is possible to add a storage supplement to handle possible positions (like hooks,drawers or lockers) where the objects are placed.

How to

Create new storages

1. Go to Administrate and select Storage .

2. Click on + to create a new storage.

3. Add a name and general information if needed.

4. Add an address where the storage is placed.

Save to continue. 

1. Search and connect objects. The choice appears in the general tab once the storage name is saved.

2. Add a supplement to handle possible positions (for example hooks, drawers, lockers, etc.).

Save before you continue. 

1. Choose the organizational belonging.


Keep track on anything

You want to keep track of objects that you don’t store in the EAGLE Assembly, like your tools. You start with creating the storage where you store all your objects. You then connect all the objects and note where they are placed within the storage space, for example, the saw is on Hook 5 and the paint brushes are in Drawer 1, and so on.