Companies can be seen as an information entity. You can both connect it to individuals and sub items, use it as a filter in check-up and trigger messages for a specific company.

When you create a sub item you can select a Company as the owner (in connections) and when you create an individual you can connect them to a company (in contact). 

How to

Create Companies

1. Go to administrate  and select companies .

2. Click on + to create a new company.

3. Add company name and general information if needed.

Save before you continue. 

1. Add company and contact information.

2. Connect addresses.

Save before you continue.

1. Connect individuals that belongs to the company.

If an individual is connected to more than one company, the company has to be chosen when objects are handed out or withdrawn.

Save before you continue.

1. Add organizational belonging.

Save. Now you have created a company!


Right company access

There are individuals that work as subs and consultants for more than one company.

To make sure that the individuals withdraw the right objects at the right time, they have to register what company they belong to. This ensures that only the relevant party is withdrawing objects, which makes it easier to administrate, as well as following-up withdraws.