Two factor authentication

It is possible to increase the security level when logging in to AXSOR by adding two factor authentication to your account.

How to

Two factor via mobile or a security key device

To activate this feature, you cannot have any other type of two factor authentication active for your account.

1. Go to Account and choose Two factor authentication .

2. The hardware security key needs to be connected to the computer (often via USB).

3. Click on “Register security key device” and interact with the security key device. It will work on the domain used at registration.

1. Go to Account , choose Two factor authentication and go to the Mobile tab.

2. Download the app Google Authenticator to your mobile device. The app is free and is available for both iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

3. Open Google Authenticator and press the Plus sign to add a new account. Scan the QR-code displayed in AXSOR with your smartphone.

4. Lastly enter the AXSOR password and the One-time-code presented in Google Authenticator on your smartphone.

5. Click on “Activate two factor authentication”.