Login to the EAGLE Assembly with your registered identifier.

Every EAGLE User needs to have at least one registered Identifier, which is done in AXSOR. The most common one is RFID.

How to

Login to the Assembly

If only an RFID or magnetic card is set up, you can read the media directly to log in.

1. Just put you tag or card on the reader to login.


If manual input is set up, you must enter the data using the keyboard.

A manual input could for example be a username, email or social security number.

1. Tap on the monitor.

2. Enter the manual input

3. Click enter.

When the Identifier needs a PIN this is prompted to the user.

Along with manual input, RFID, or a magnet card, the user might also have to enter a PIN code if these rules are set in AXSOR.

1. Scan the tag/card or enter a manual input.

2. Write the pin code.

3. Click enter.

How to

Login to the Assembly with Alcolock

The Alcolock is an external permission that needs to be fulfilled to login to the Assembly. 

In AXSOR you can set if the Alcolock should be used before or after login (Assembly parameter ExternalPermissionRequired).

1. Blow in the Alcolock.

2. The Alcolock will signal ok if the alcohol level is below the set limit.


I can't login!

If the login fails, one of three error messages will appear depending on the cause.

Identifier is not recognized

The Individual does not have permission in the Assembly or the used Identifier is not registered in the system.

How do i fix it?

Your AXSOR administrator need to register the identifier (in the EAGLE tab in Individuals).

Identifier/individual is blocked

The Identifier/Individual is recognized but is currently blocked. Which can be the result of too many login attempts or other handling errors made by the user.

How do i fix it?

If the user shouldn’t be blocked, they can be unblocked by the AXSOR administrator (in the general tab of the specific Individual).

Access has expired

The permission is not valid anymore.

How do i fix it?

Your AXSOR administrator need to change the set permissions for the Individual or identifier.