In the Status menu you can change language, your PIN and log out. It is also used by technicians for service and system choices.

How to

Use the status menu

All functions but System Status are password protected and are only administrated by PAAM certified technicians.

See System Status :

1. Go to Status , Service and then select System Status .

2. You will see a list of system information:

  • Assembly ID
  • Embedded software (Application, System and Lua versions)
  • IP settings (IP, Netmask, Gateway and Server)
  • Communicator
  • Voltages (Main and battery)
  • Environmental Data (temperature and humidity)
  • Camera connected

To change the PIN in the Assembly, you need to enable the ViewChangePassword parameter in AXSOR (find the parameter in Assemblies ).

1. Go to Status and select Change PIN .

2. Enter the new PIN. 

3. Confirm PIN by entering it once more.

Now you have a new PIN password!

You can change the language for the current session. Once you log in again the language will change to your standard setting, which can be set on the Individual in AXSOR.

1. Go to Status and select Language .

2. Alternative languages will appear. Select which one you want to change to.

3. The selected language will be shown with a .

Access your own help pages from the EAGLE Assembly.

Contact customer support and provide them with an web page address to access this feature.

A user will automatically be logged out when the Assembly door is closed. You can also log out from the monitor.

1. Go to Status and select Log out .

You are now logged out.


This function is useful when:

  • You only log in to the monitor and don’t open the door
  • You want to log out with an open door. For example when there is a queue for withdrawals/returns. (The first user must ensure that the next user logs in before leaving with the door open.)