Groups of objects

Grouping objects makes it easier and faster to administrate in AXSOR.

Instead of administrating each object separately you can create the connections through the group.

How to

Create a new Object group

1. Go to Administrate and click on Group of Objects .

2. Click on + to add a new group.

3. In the general tab add the name of the group (description) and general information if needed.

4. Allow EAGLE login with connected identity carriers (will be selected as a default). Give EAGLE users access to login with for example RFID badges.

5. Choose if you want the EAGLE users to use a PIN code to login.

Before you continue click save. 

1. If you have more than one EAGLE Assembly you can filter so that you only see the objects in the EAGLE you want.

2. By clicking on show search settings you can change the search parameters. Beyond objects, you can also search for doors and assemblies. 

3. Search for the objects that you want to connect to the group and select.

1. Search and connect date rules to determine when the group will be active.

1. Search and connect profiles. Profiles are the bridges between individuals and objects. Connections could also be made in the profile connections view. 

You can create new profiles by clicking +.

1. Choose what organization the group belongs to. 


Fast administration

You have keys for both vehicles, storage and property, but most users shouldn’t have access to the majority of the keys.

The Group of Individuals Drivers should only have access to vehicles. By creating a Group of objects called Vehicles, containing all of the vans and trucks, you can easily and quickly give and take away access by connecting the groups to each other.