Addresses is a register of streets, postal codes and cities. Addresses can be reused and completed with new street numbers (supplements).

How to

Create new addresses

1. Go to Administrate and click on Addresses .

2. You can create an address using either coordinates or street address. 

3. Write the street name and supplement (normally a street number). 

4. Add multiple supplements if there is more than one address on the same street. (Save to create a new supplement.)

Save. Now you have create a new address! 

How to

See your addresses
on the map

AXSOR uses online maps from Google and MapQuest. To have the addresses visible in the map view, you need your own API key (since it is exclusive for each business), which you need to procure from either Google or MapQuest.

Once you have received the API key you need to add the code in Parameters.


One address = many

Avoid creating duplicates when creating addresses. Addresses can be reused and complemented with additional supplements (street numbers). If multiple copies are created it can become troublesome to manage and if the organization is extensive, impact the performance.


Quick overview

When planning routes or rounds you want a quick overview of all the addresses on the same street. By searching for the street name or postal code in the filter section (to the left) you can quickly find the relevant addresses. The map makes it possible to visually see all the addresses on the same street.


See connected objects

You are going a to a new address and don’t know which objects to fetch. By searching for the address in the localization view you can easily find both objects, sub objects and units connected to the address.



API key from Google, that the customer buys for their installation.


API key from MapQuest, that the customer buys for their installation.


Show maps. Only possible with an API Key.


Default setting: Off