The calendar view is designed to offer a better overview of your organization’s receipts and reservations.

To access event details, simply click on an event to the right or in the calendar. You can use the filter to see more than the currently active events. 

How to

Add a new event

1. Choose the date on the calendar for the event to begin.

2. Click on + Add new event in the right column.

3. Choose reservation .

4. Set when the reservation should end.

4. Toggle the options that you want. If the booking should be inactive after the object is returned, turn the toggle on.

1. If you have multiple assemblies you can filter objects based on EAGLE.

2. Choose the objects that you want to book.

1. Choose if the user is a temporary. If so add their contact information and give them a user name. (They’ll receive their temporary login credentials via email and/or SMS.)

2. Turn on the toggle to allow EAGLE login.

3. If the reservation is for a normal user, choose individual.

4. Add which organization it regards.

Save and close.