Custom messages

Create custom solutions for messages.

How to

Create custom messages

1. Choose a request.

A GET request asks a web server for information, like fetching a web page or data.

A POST request sends data to a web server, typically to submit information or initiate an action.

2. Add a website link (URL). If your request is a POST, select a content type (which format that should be used when sending data to the server).

3. Toggle on ‘Use encryption’ to seal your information and keep your data safe when you send it over the internet.

4. Toggle on ‘Free text input’ to write the message. Use the tags, which will be replace with real data once the message is created. (Hover over the tags in AXSOR for more information.)


The different settings can be tested by using the ‘Test settings’ button. The phone number and email added to the individual logged in will receive the message if everything is working.