Profile connections

Profile connections are used to give Individuals access to objects in the EAGLE Assembly and to give an overview of the permissions set.

Profile connections give you the opportunity to see and connect:

How to

Use Profile connections

Profile connections view

The connection view is shaped like an U, where the profile is the central entity that joins objects and individuals together. The arrows shows how the entities can be connected. 

Information icons

Interactive icons


1. Search

Search for the entity you want to see connections to. (Hit enter in the search field to search.)

2. Selected

The entity that is selected will be highlighted with a yellow box and the entity box will have a red ribbon in the right corner (like in the picture below).

1. Choose entity

Search and select the entity that you want to connect.

2. Choose connection entity

Search for the entity you want to connect to. The orange arrows will let you know which connections are possible.

3. Make the connection

Click on the to make the connection. Connections made between entities are created immediately and saved automatically. 

4. Via

The Via column shows how the connections are made, for example via groups of individuals, and the name of the connected entity.


Use it for the overview

Instead of connecting entities from the specific entity, you should connect via profile connections. Profile connection will give you an visual overview that you won’t get otherwise, which in turn will help you understand how everything is related.