Turn on warning and alarms for specific entity objects.

It is possible to trigger a delay for a warning and/or alarm. It is also possible to set that Alarms should automatically be reset if the triggered event is fixed.

How to

Turn on alarms and warnings

1. Go to alarms or events , click on settings and select deviations.

2. Toggel on deviations and alarms.

3. Set delay times. If the delay time number is positive, the warning or alarm it will happen after the event. If it is negative, it will happen before.

4. Set if the alarm should automatically be reset once the event is completed, for example the objects has been returned.

Save and close.


Use negative delay times

By using negative number for the “delay time” you can trigger warnings and/or alarms before the events occur (for example -30 mean that it triggers a warning half an hour before the event). Go to messages to see the example.